FAQs - Frequently asked questions.



Can files be deleted?
No, in the data room - for the sake of traceability - no files can be deleted.


What happens if a file is mistakenly uploaded incorrectly?
As a file owner, you can lock your files via “right mouse button - File Lock”. Although the locked files are still visible in the data room in marked form, they can no longer be used by other data room users until they are unlocked by the file owner.


Can I upload multiple files at once?
A ZIP archive is automatically unpacked into the data room. Current, contemporary browsers also support the “multiple upload” function. An additional field appears here when uploading, by dragging and dropping the files.


How do I see who downloaded my files?
As a file owner, you can see all file actions and the entire document history in chronological order via “right mouse button – Properties”.


How can certain files be exchanged with external participants (e.g. reviewers)?
Either directly when uploading new files to the data room or via your compiled workbook, you can include as many external participants as you like. Here you can also specify the period of time for which these persons have access to the files.


My assigned password is very complicated, can I change this?
Under “Start - My Settings - Change Personal Data” you can change your password. You will shortly receive an e-mail from the system in which you have to confirm the changes.