The PPM Raum: your virtual data room for the construction industry.



Start immediately. No software needed.

The PPM Raum is a cloud-based solution. This means that it can be used immediately and that all users can easily and quickly log in to the project. So you and all participants in the construction project have immediate access to all the relevant information. This is how you can achieve maximum productivity right from the start. Your Internet browser is sufficient for a simple, effective communication between all project participants.


Collaboration, fast and easy.

Each project has its own challenges. Therefore, a data room must increase collaboration productivity and reduce complexity. We bring together all project participants on our common and powerful PPM Raum project platform. We assume the rights management for all participants on your behalf.


Available anywhere and at any time.

Use the PPM Raum on the device of your choice. Nothing needs to be installed, internet access is sufficient. You receive all services via our cloud-based solution and decide for yourself where and how to inform yourself about your project. Thus, you stay up to date on the go.



View project documents online.

You can view plans as well as documents directly in the browser, without the need for any downloads, installations of additional software or licences. The PPM Raum supports more than 350 current file formats. Available on the go via mobile devices (smartphone / tablet).



Designed for the construction industry by experts.

The data room needs to be as customised as your major construction project. Therefore, the PPM Raum optimally fits to the needs of all project participants and fully adaptable to any project. The PPM Raum was developed by experienced project managers, engineers, architects and builders. Built by experts and designed for professionals.



Service and administration included.

The consistent updating and technical administration of your PPM Raum is always included with us. It goes without saying that there are no costs for this. In addition, all project participants receive personal support during our business hours. Also free. That’s how our service works: free, fast and personal.



Software made in Germany.

Since the company was founded in 2012, development, programming, support and sales are 100% in Germany. Thus, we always meet all the high standards of quality, safety and data protection (DSGVO) for our customers.
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