Nobody builds on sand with the PPM Raum.


Since the beginning of 2012, we have been supporting numerous projects with PPM Raum - from complex to complicated to sophisticated. And we always deliver.


Because we are specialists and because we are engineers, we know exactly what a project manager in the construction industry needs - and what he does not.


All our knowledge and experience has been bundled in your PPM Raum. This way, you can focus on managing your project instead of getting distracted by having to manage complex software.


Your time is far too precious for that and the project really needs your full attention from the beginning. A professional data room therefore has the task of keeping you and the project manager fully informed at all times, ensuring full access to all information. Lightning-fast and spotless structured. No matter where you are. Searching for documents is no longer hectic; the instant search function of PPM Raum makes this and much more possible.


Our philosophy is to be quickly and easily available for you.


Make it easy and get in touch with us on +49 89 255539 15 and at