The PPM Raum - Perfect for you.

The PPM Raum is a contemporary project communication system for the construction industry. It not only provides you with the most comprehensive solution for data exchange between project participants, but also provides you with new methods for creating, editing, signing, sending and tracking your documents - on your desktop, on mobile devices or in the web browser. Provided by PPM, the inventor of simple collaboration.
Everyone involved in a project has a lot to do with the project itself; it cannot be that the data room is still a challenge for many. That's why we've developed the PPM Raum to meet the latest and most up-to-date cloud requirements that puts the project – and not the data room – at the centre of it all.
The PPM Raum is immediately available and easy to use for all users. It is intuitive and does not require a manual. It is suitable for the engineer and project manager that use the cockpit function with the most individual requirements as well as for the controller of the client.
Your project receives an excellent service right from the beginning; we will not leave you to your own devices! Your competent engineering partner ensures that your PPM delivers full performance right away. He not only acts as your project manager but also as your coach and contact person for your data room. With him you can discuss the settings, rights management and technical issues – and of course the right operation and system of the users. Behind our service there are people who are available for you. A free service that puts you and your project at the centre.

That’s why we’d love to advise you personally. Just call us on: +49-89-255539-0


                                  Access anytime, anywhere                                        Maximum data security                                  Intuitive user interface