The PPM Raum – Benefits at a glance.


Time savings = cost savings

  • Intuitive operation, easy and uncomplicated thanks to the latest cloud technology
  • Automatic archiving and complete, structured documentation of the project process
  • Structuring of project-based collaboration beyond company boundaries
  • Availability of decision-relevant content guaranteed at all times
  • Central information platform to avoid redundancies
  • Fast and automated file and plan distribution
  • Effective research through fast, intuitive search on all documents
  • No training required
  • Access on the go via mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs)


Effectiv communication management = perfect information

  • Central bundling of the information flow, thereby guaranteeing the most up-to-date document status for all project participants
  • Newly added documents can be immediately distributed to a large number of recipients. These are informed directly by e-mail
  • Reduction of the information flood through rights management. Project participants only see information that is relevant to them
  • Keep an overview: anytime and anywhere through historicisation of all data room activities
  • No size limit